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We helped Annet achieve her ambition

She is just one of thousands of people that Lessons for Life support in Africa

Annet's father died when she was young which meant her family were uncertain whether they would be able to pay her school fees so she could complete her education. That was until Lessons for Life through our partner Child Aid Uganda (CHAU) provided her fees and helped her to stay in school. We supported Annet through her final years of secondary school and helped her to go to college and qualify as a teacher.

In this short video she explains how our support has helped her achieve her ambition.


I wanted to be a teacher so I could help others to learn like you have helped me.”

Annet visits London

In November 2018, Annet Kayesu visited London to speak at events including our Annual Gala Dinner. She gave a tremendous speech and spoke about how much we supported her to return to education and supported her mother to start her own Ghee making business.

Annet made some observations about her trip to London:

'The people in London are friendly. I like the buildings. They are modern and tall and very different to Uganda. Their doors are even friendly and open for you.'

'Where are we getting the electricity from?  In Uganda we have exposed wires in the building. In Uganda, there are a lot of electricity accidents, some are fatal particularly with water.'

'Bus stops here are different - If you are not at the bus stop you can't catch it, whereas in Uganda you can put your hand out everywhere.'

We are expecting to hear more reflections on her trip shortly so keep an eye out for updates.