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From being helped to helping others

After Amon's father passed away, his mother couldn't afford his school fees. So, through our partner - Child Aid Uganda - we helped Amon finish his education.

Now aged 28, Amon has become a History and Geography teacher at his local secondary school.

Having seen the life-changing impact that completing his education has had, Amon is determined to give other young people the same chance. He has become an advocate for some of the most disadvantaged children from his village to be able to attend the school he works in and is now supporting over 20 children in various ways.

As well as supporting and inspiring some of the poorest children in his village to stay in school, he also financially supports his family including his mum and youngest sister who are HIV positive and require constant medication. 

“I have to provide a little, ‘cos I was also provided for and I got that chance from Child Aid Uganda. So I’m giving to the family as well as the other people around."

“Twenty children have been able to attend education because of me. There is one…the father used to sleep with the daughter. To save her from that, we brought the child here. She is now in the boarding section paying nothing.”