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We also supported Benjamin's mother

Several years ago, we provided support for the mother of one of the students we support in Lyontande, Uganda – Benjamin.  Benjamin’s mother, Prossy was a single parent trying to earn a living by hawking goods along the roadside before we met her. She couldn’t earn enough to send Benjamin or his younger siblings to school. With our partner Child Aid Uganda, we began supporting Benjamin to attend school again and Prossy to start her own shop selling shoes.

We caught up with Prossy on our trip to Lyontande last year and spoke to her about what the support has meant to her and her family.


I appreciate the assistance helping my child…and the support you gave me in my business. Then I was a hawker, but now I have a shop and am settled in one place and getting customers there.”

Having her own shop has enabled Prossy to build a more stable life and earn more to support herself and her other children. She’s incredibly proud of Benjamin’s achievements too, reminding us that he had been selected to be Head Prefect at his school and how he has ambitions to become a judge.

All that I want to say is that I am very thankful for the support given thank you so so much.”