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Betty, life after education

She is just one of the thousands of students that Lessons for Life support in Africa



Betty Nakyanzi is 23 and lives in Lyantonde, Uganda. Betty was unable to attend school as her mother was unable to afford the fees. 

Betty talked to us about what life was like before she was supported by us and our partner Child Aid Uganda (CHAU) in 2010. "I come from a family of 8. I have my mum but I lost my Dad in 2001. My mum didn’t have enough facilities to support me so I had to stop studying. I had dropped out of school because I didn’t have the facilities to study. Then Lessons for Life found me…with the organisation’s help I was able to start catching up with my studies.”

Having the support to return to school had a big impact on Betty’s life and her hopes for the future. “First of all, it has educated me. Secondly I think I will have a better future. I hope to be employed after my studies and have pleasure in my life. Without the support, I think I would likely be a mother of 5 by now. Classmates of mine– most of them now have kids. I think my life would be miserable. Now my life is good. I’m enjoying it.” Betty was able to return to school and complete her education and is now studying for a degree.

Betty explained what led her to study micro-financing at university, “I chose that course because I had a dream of becoming a banker. I wanted to learn how to handle cash. I wanted to help rural farmers and people by providing them with financial services.”

Betty has now recently graduated with a Bachelor degree in micro-finance and recently got a job wortking in a financial insitution in Kampala, Uganda and is now able to support her other siblings. 

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank my supporters, because really you have… transformed my life. You have made my future a better one. I am a better citizen. I thank you very much for your support and your courageous decision to support me.”