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All children deserve an education. Our work gives children in Africa the support they need to be able to learn and develop.

We Believe Education Changes Everything

Our support directly helps vulnerable children from pre-primary to university by covering the cost of fees, uniforms, books, stationery and hygiene kits. What we provide can really make the difference between a child staying in school or dropping out. It really does make a difference.

In the majority of the African countries we work in, secondary schools are not free to attend. Not only do we directly cover school fees but we also focus heavily on teacher training as we really believe that from this training, kids will learn invaluable lessons.

What does education mean?

We asked children, teachers and our partners in Africa 'What does education mean to you?' Watch our short video in which children from Kinuuka Primary School in Uganda explain what education means to them.

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Life outside the classroom has a huge impact on a child’s chance of success. To facilitate that success, we continuously work with both families and communities so they can in turn support a child’s education.


Too many classrooms in Africa are not fit for purpose. By supporting teacher training and by ensuring schools are fit for purpose we’re able to allow teachers to do exactly what they do best: teach.