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Our work

Lessons for Life are a children’s charity that funds education projects in Africa. We believe education changes everything. Every child, no matter where they live, has the right to an education that equips them for life

The core of what we do

We focus on three main areas


All children deserve an education. Our work gives children in Africa the support they need to be able to learn and develop.


Too many classrooms in Africa are not fit for purpose. By supporting teacher training and by ensuring schools are fit for purpose we’re able to allow teachers to do exactly what they do best: teach.


Life outside the classroom has a huge impact on a child’s chance of success. To facilitate that success, we continuously work with both families and communities so they can in turn support a child’s education.

How we work

Lessons for Life are a grant-making organisation as opposed to an implementing organisation, which means we find, fund and partner with outstanding local organisations. These partners then carry out vital work on the ground in Africa, with our support. 

Our staff conduct regular field visits, to monitor partners and build capacity within the local organisations that we are proud to support and help grow. Learn more about each of the countries we work in across Africa, and take a look at our partners here

Why our work matters

Too many children in Africa finish primary school unable to read, write and add up. Their time at school leaves them no better prepared for life than when they first arrived.That has got to change.

We want to see every child, no matter where they are born, get an education that equips them for life; an education that gives them the skills, qualifications and resilience to make their mark. For us, it all starts with sending children to school. Then we help make sure they learn once they’re in the classroom. Because schools don’t exist in isolation, we also work with families and communities too, so they in turn can support children to stay and be successful in school.

Juliet is one of thousands of children we have supported.