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The issues facing girls who don't stay in school

Jane also discussed the issues facing girls who don’t stay in school, “mostly they are mistreated by their husbands. They get married very early…before 18 they’re already in marriage, because they didn’t go to school. Then they do maid or house maid [work]…because they don’t have any other work to do."

Jane revealed she herself narrowly avoided this life. “I remember - a man seduced me to get married before completing my education. And he insisted. He even warned me one time that ‘I will rape you if you don’t accept’. It was serious…it became a challenge to me… I told the nuns about the situation. They warned him ‘we are going to take you to the police’.”

Jane is back living with the Sisters while she volunteers with CHAU helping out their finance team and gaining valuable work experience.

“After volunteering, I hope to get a good job in any company and then after earning some money. I want to get a CPA - Certified Public Accountant. I think I will increase the earnings…I will come back in my community [and] start helping the needy. Educating [about] girl child education…because it is so essential."

Jane’s success is a reminder of the power of education - as she says herself, “education means a brightest future”.

“I dream of becoming a beneficial thing in my community. Something that everyone can benefit from…especially children that are in the same situation that I was in. That is what I dream of.”