You are here: Helping Betty complete her education

"Education helps you to get jobs and to know what your future is…it is the key to success.”

She is just one of thousands of students that Lessons for Life support in Africa

Betty, 15  lost both her parents when she was young and lived with her elder brothers and sisters. As she lived in a child headed household they didn't have any source of income so was unable to attend school. 

Lessons for Life through our partner Child Aid Uganda (CHAU) provided the money for her schools fees and materials so she could return to school.

“I got support from Child Aid Uganda - everything I needed they gave me. If it was not for them, I was going to become a house girl and be married…or going from home to home begging. CHAU support me with everything I need like school fees, scholastic materials, bed sheets – all of them. I thank Child Aid Uganda that they put me in this school. This school is great.”




After my mother and father died, we did not have anything…we just had bananas, jack fruits and mangos…we did not have any support. My brother and sister went to stay with my uncle and started to go to school but he couldn’t manage to pay for three children."

The support from Lessons for Life and CHAU has made a huge difference in her life and now her future seems much better. “This support is very good. It will continue in my life – I will help needy people because Lessons for Life helped me.” Betty is one of the lucky ones - she has avoided having to marry young like many other girls her age. She feels it isn’t right to marry so young and it’s better to be married later: “you have to already be educated and have studied, you should have your own job.”

Betty also talked to us about her studies and what she hopes to achieve in the future. 


I study chemistry, English…Mathematics, Biology. I like science subjects – now I’m thinking to study to become a doctor.”

What does home mean to Betty?

In this short video she explains what home means to her.

"Living here with your mum and dad is so everything I can imagine."