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Philemon dropped out of school but now he dreams of being a Doctor

He is just one of thousands of students that Lessons for Life support in Africa

Philemon, 17 had to drop out of school due to being unable to pay his school fees. He lost all hope of being able to return to school as his family were unable to afford for it. That was until Lessons for Life through our partner Uyisenga N' Manzi (UNM) provided the money for his schools fees. 

In this short video he tells us about what his life could have been like if he had not been able to go back to school and what it means to him to have the opportunity to finish schooling.



The importance to be in class and stay at school is that it is the source of knowledge and skills which can help us in our lives. My favourite subject is chemistry. I like it because it is my future aim to be a doctor.”