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Suzan "I feel different now. Before coming to school I had no friends"

She is just one of thousands of students that Lessons for Life support in Africa

On our last trip to Uganda we met 18 year old Suzan who we support through our partners Child Aid Uganda (CHAU) to be able to go to school. Suzan and her mother were struggling to get enough money to pay for school fees, materials and books after Suzan’s father died in 2007. She is one of nine children in her family so it was a huge challenge for her mother to support all of them by herself.

With support from Lessons for Life and CHAU, Suzan is now back at school and studying for her final exams which she will take this year. She talked to us about how she came to be supported by us and CHAU, and what it means to her to be able to finish her education.

"I have one parent. In 2007 my father died. Child Aid Uganda visited us and when they saw the situation was bad they decided to help us by giving support in school fees and scholastic materials.

When they decided to help me through my education, I was surprised. I had no choice or chance to be in school.

I feel different now. Before coming to school I had no friends, I wasn’t known by anyone. Now I have many friends, I am known…by lots of people. And that association with those people makes me feel like I am a person now in the world. Before that I thought to myself I was not in the world. Or I’m like a dead person who is not existing. But now I see I am a person.”

Meeting Suzan was a reminder that there are so many benefits to a child being able to stay in, or return to school. It’s not just the qualifications and skills they have to get a job afterwards, but the positive impact it has on their self belief and ambition to succeed.

Now Suzan has ambitions to become a lawyer and feels passionately about contributing to Ugandan society as well as helping other children like her in the future.

I want to be a lawyer because I want to make sure that our country is full of justice and not injustice… also to avoid corruption amongst our fellow citizens in Uganda. And I want as well to help other children like me. Who are suffering like the way I suffered before coming to school. I want to help those children as they helped me."

What does home mean to Suzan?

Suzan tells her story