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Our partners

Our mission is to support partners that give disadvantaged children the education they deserve.

How do we support children in Africa?

Lessons for Life operates through a group of delivery partners, which is evolving over time. In 2019, we are working with 8 partners in five countries. We believe the most effective way to operate is to work with local partners with strong expertise and connections with local communities. We identify potential partners through desk-based research, donor recommendations, and donor community networking. Partner relationships begin and develop with face-to-face meetings and our experience of their work.

We do not accept unsolicited funding applications.

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How we work?

We partner with community organisations that engage young people, and our commitment to quality also means that, despite our status as a grant-making rather than as an implementing organisation, our finance and programmes staff conduct regular field visits. These visits have the dual purpose of monitoring partners and helping build capacity within the local organisations that we are proud to support and help grow.

Over the past 10 years we have reached over 85,000 children, family and community members. With your valued support, we will continue to make a difference to thousands of lives.

Our Partners


Alpha Childcare Community Development (ACCOD) was our first partner in Uganda, and started by working with us to support children orphaned by HIV/AIDS go to school. In 2019, Lessons for Life is supporting ACCOD’s programme to increase education access for vulnerable children by funding children's school fees, scholastic materials and hygiene packs for girls. This year we are also providing direct school support through teacher engagement including capacity building and provision of food to encourage effective and continuous teaching in schools.


The Catholic Diocese of Kitui supports entire communities through education, income generation and healthcare. Lessons for Life have worked with them since 2008. Their education programme focuses on secondary and higher education and includes payment of school fees, provision of school materials and hygiene packs. Children of all faiths, or no faith are welcome on CDOK's programmes, and children are selected on the basis of need. In 2019, we are funding direct support for secondary-school children and tertiary students.


Child Aid Uganda (CHAU) was established in 2004 by a group of advocates and professionals in response to the needs of HIV and AIDS orphans and other vulnerable children. CHAU supports children through primary, secondary and higher education. In 2019, we are supporting CHAU as they increase access to quality education through provision of school fees, materials, hygiene packs and food for children. CHAU also provide emergency financial support for families in need. We are also supporting the building of two latrine blocks and a classroom refurbishment.


Educate! tackles youth employment through implementing a skills-based curriculum across schools in Africa. Through reforming what schools teach and methods of teaching Educate! support students in developing the essential skills needed to start their own businesses and find jobs. In 2019, Lessons for Life are contributing to the funding of Educate!’s Rwanda programme which will continue to implement this new educational model.

The Kusasa Project

Lessons for Life's initial partnership with The Kusasa Project began with a secondary-school scholarship programme, which we still support and actually expanded in 2012 to include funding for their pre-primary education programme (for three to five year olds). In 2019, we are directly supporting secondary school as well as quality pre-school and primary education for disadvantaged children in the Franschhoek Valley.


Redearth Education seeks to empower local teachers in Uganda, who are committed to working with local government, to improve education standards and learning outcomes for all children by providing teachers with training and supporting and recognising teacher’s achievements. In 2019, Lessons for Life will fund Redearth’s programme in Masindi, Uganda which is focused on improving practice in literacy and numeracy, underpinned by the development of good practice in teaching and learning methodology.


Sentebale supports orphans and vulnerable children, many of whom are affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Through education, psychosocial support, and care, Sentebale aims to provide them with the tools they need to lead healthy and productive lives. Lessons for Life funds Sentebale to provide access to education and vocational training through night schools and secondary school bursaries. In 2019, we are contributing to the funding of Sentebale's secondary school bursary programme which covers the costs of school fees, uniforms, and education materials.


Uyisenga N'Manzi is a child-focused organisation established post-genocide to support orphaned and homeless children to obtain an education. They do this by providing social services, education and income-generating opportunities. We started working with UNM in 2012, and our work continues to this day. In 2019, Lessons for Life are funding UNM to directly support students across all education levels through provision of school fees, materials and counselling sessions.

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