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Redearth Education teacher training

Meet Lawrence. He is one of the teachers trained by Redearth Education - an organisation we support in Uganda. Redearth trains teachers in new teaching methods to help them develop and improve; the teachers Redearth trains then go on to train their colleagues in the skills they have learnt so that more teachers in Uganda can benefit.

Lawrence began teaching on an informal basis 14 years ago. He soon realised he loved the profession so went back to college to gain his qualifications. In 2008 he graduated and began teaching professionally. He has been working with Redearth since 2014. On a recent trip to Uganda, we met up with Lawrence at Mpumudde Primary School – Lyantonde, to find out what teaching means to him and the impact Redearth’s training has on the children he teaches.

Lawrence also teaches some of the children who we support through our partner CHAU by providing for their school fees, uniforms and books and has seen first hand how this support not only benefits the children but their teachers too. These include Caroline & Shina whose stories we will be sharing later this year.

“Redearth training has provided tips and new methods to help our learners to develop a sense of collaboration and working together. They tried to give us new methods to…motivate our classes to help us. It has helped us to improve the learning and teaching in the school. So much so, we’re attracting other pupils from other schools as they are attracted by our teaching methods." 



"Some of the new methods that Redearth have taught us that we weren’t doing before are group work, learning from fellow learners, energising activities, kinaesthetic learning  [where learning is carried out through physical activities or touching materials rather than listening to a lecture or watching a demonstration], and field trips. They end up learning without that kind of boredom or tiredness.”

Lawrence also talked to us about his own family life and journey into teaching. “I come from a humble family…do not have a lot of riches. In 1994 I finished my O-level. After school I had to try my level best to do some other activity to survive. In 2005 I joined the college to upgrade my studies. I had been teaching some of the time before then, but…in 2008 I became a professional teacher. I had it in my mind that I loved it and wanted to become a teacher."

"When I was at primary school, I used to love my teachers. The way they behaved, they were knowledgeable, so I wanted to do what I’d seen them doing. And I fulfilled it."